The company formally titled The ID Co. has today announced it has rebranded as DirectID. The name DirectID comes from the company’s core B2B proposition, which centres on sharing data directly.  

DirectID have been conscious that over the last year, the brand’s position in the market did not accurately reflect the proposition of the business. A decision was made to refocus on the DirectID brand, with DirectID chosen because of customer’s familiarity with the product and its strong brand offering. 

Today, DirectID launches its new website, featuring new branding, visuals and messaging. The website is located at 


The goal for the new website is to strengthen the DirectID brand, by bringing in a refreshed, modern suite of visuals, while maintaining our position as industry thought-leaders. 

The new website and branding proposition took around ten weeks to complete. In that time, significant effort was invested to ensure that it reflects our core proposition of being focused on data, and our use of data. 

The new branding has been rolled out on social media channels, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. 

Digital Marketing Manager at DirectID, Jimmy McLellan, said: 

We’re delighted to have launched the new website and branding. Bringing both the brand and website from concept to final iteration has proven to be many months of hard work. We are delighted, however, with the final version.

the new branding speaks of a more mature and established company to what went before, and we’re confident that it will speak very strongly to both established customers and those new to the site.

Founder and Chief Executive of DirectID, James Varga, followed: 

The team have done a magnificent job in bringing the concept to fruition. I am sure that those arriving onsite for the first time will be excited about how DirectID can support them to meet their needs. The market has changed so much, and data has become such an important part of our offering, that this change in focus was required.

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