At the centre of everything we do is our DirectID Connect solution. This is our widget or hosted page that allows end consumers to consent to their data being shared, and then approve the bank data being sent to the business. Whether you are using our Data API solution, our instant Insights reporting, or our next generation Income Verification, it all starts with customers going through Connect.

With Connect being such a pivotal part of our solution we are always looking for ways to improve and upgrade it. This ensures we can provide the best solution to businesses using DirectID, AND the best experience to their consumers.

So recently we underwent a massive project to upgrade the entire back end of DirectID Connect. What are the results? A Faster, Stronger, and Safer solution that can scale for any business across the world. Yes, that's some big upgrades, so let's break down the results.



We've taken a step back and looked at the underlying technology powering our Connect solution. Whilst it was good, we wanted to provide you with the best, so we have done a complete upgrade.

The result means the tool is faster to use in multiple functions, from bank searching and selection, right through to processing of details.

The real magic however, has come from our UX team who have created a platform that is easier to understand, quicker to navigate, and above all ensures your end consumers get through the application process in less time and clicks.



New technology brings more than speed. Our platform is now more modular than ever before allowing us to improve and develop its capabilities. 

DirectID Connect can now power more users, be rolled more efficiently to customers, and can scale to include our global expansion plans. Adding further direct connections to banks all around the world has never been easier, and our solution can take as many as we can connect.

If you'd like to read more about our expansion plans to connect to more banks, have a look out our previous Product Update here.



Safety is always top of mind for DirectID. When we started our upgrade journey we made sure that whatever technology we chose, and however we delivered it, safety had to be our priority.

DirectID Connect is now more secure than ever, and to build on top of this we have added a new set of tools that allows the filter the the types of accounts that can connect to their DirectID Connect widget. All of this helps to further reduce fraud and ensure your customers connect the correct accounts.


This is only the beginning though, further upgrades are already in the works but we'll save those for another announcement. In the meantime if you'd like to know more about these latest updates get in touch with your account manager, OR talk to one of our specialists today.