Affordability and Creditworthiness: The Engine of Real-Time Decision Making

Understanding affordability and creditworthiness are the foremost component of any lending decision.

Before the advent of bank data, creditworthiness was calculated through outdated CRA data.

With added emphasis on how credit decisions affect the consumer, lenders must now consider affordability within their creditworthiness thinking.

In this webinar, on Tuesday, November 3rd at 2PM (GMT), we will explore how bank data offers all the data that could be required by the lender, including the income and income streams of the applicant, outgoings and disposable income.

Our presenter, Richie Pindor, will illustrate how DirectID's suite of bank data solutions can offer this information within seconds of an applicant requesting a loan, and how we are currently working with some of the biggest banks and lenders to ensure their lending decisions are not only accurate, but can be made in seconds. 

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