Instigating A Mortgage Revolution: Customer Centric, Technology Enabled & Experience Driven

On Wednesday 22nd April at 2pm (BST), DirectID co-present a webinar with strategic partner, Target B, entitled ‘Instigating a mortgage revolution: customer centric, technology enabled & experience driven’

Through our partnership, we have worked closely with customers, brokers, lenders, underwriters and conveyancers to analyse the end-to-end mortgage journey, outlining the key challenges and frustrations in the market.

The mortgage process is rooted in document collation, identity and credit assessment, which has led to consumers describing the journey as ‘cumbersome’ and ‘fragmented’. This process has also proven costly and inefficient for mortgage brokers and lenders.

This webinar will outlay the key success factors to revitalising the mortgage journey, driven by Open Banking technology and customer experience.


  • Key Challenges facing the mortgage industry
  • Creating an experience-driven seamless CRM strategy
  • Using Open Banking technology to improve customer experience, increase retention and enhance operational efficiency
  • A demonstration of Target B’s Mortgage Hub powered by DirectID
  • The future of the UK mortgage industry

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