Intelligent SME Portfolio Management with Bank Data

On Monday, 27th July at 2 PM (BST), DirectID present the upcoming webinar 'Intelligent SME Portfolio Management with Bank Data'.

Since the launch of Open Banking in 2018, SME credit portfolio management has been an emerging use case with growing prevalence. Banks and lenders have long been searching for innovative methods to strategically manage their customer account base and reduce the overall risk of their debt books.

Using real-time data gives portfolio managers a level of insight that has never before been possible and, for the first time, enables intelligent credit portfolio management.

In the webinar we will explore:

  • Using real-time data to identify signs of financial distress in SMEs
  • End of day balance reporting, tracking, and analysis
  • Leveraging data to reduce the risk of the debt book
  • Using the insights gleaned from transaction data to identify additional spend capacity in SMEs

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