Online Live Demo: DirectID Insights

On Tuesday 31st March at 2pm BST, DirectID will be running a live online demo of the award winning DirectID Insights solution.

Having a truly detailed picture of an applicant can be difficult to put together. The information gleaned from Credit Reference Agencies is entirely retrospective and  therefore does not always give an accurate view of an applicants ability to repay a loan. This makes it difficult for those working in credit risk to glean any actionable insight from the information that is available to them.

DirectID Insights offers a solution to this problem, providing in-depth data analytics and graphical representations of how an applicant spends and manages their money. This allows lenders to make quick and informed decisions, offset credit and fraud risk associated with lending, and meet regulations by providing loans that applicants can afford to repay.

In this webinar, our team will be running a live demo and will show you exactly how bank data, available through DirectID Insights, can provide you with all the information you require to make a quick and informed credit decision.

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