Smarter Credit Risk Underwriting With Bank Data

On Thursday 5th March, DirectID were joined by our Credit Risk expert, Chris O'Driscoll, to present the webinar 'Smarter Credit Risk Underwriting With Bank Data'. 

Underwriting is always evolving to be more effective and accurate. However, over the last decade progress around Credit Risk assessments has stagnated and businesses are often left solely relying on aged credit data and self-asserted income. Where CRA data falls short and self-asserted affordability proves unreliable, Underwriters can use bank data to make smarter Credit Risk decisions and overcome their key challenges. These are: 

  • Accurately assessing an applicants affordability 
  • High operational costs
  • Fraud reduction
  • Risk identification

At DirectID, we've been working with bank data for over 10+ years and are vastly experienced in helping lenders address their pain-points and increase the overall efficiency of their business. In this webinar, our Credit Risk expert, Chris O'Driscoll, outlined how Underwriters can transform their Credit Risk Underwriting using Open Banking Data. 

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