The Road to Open Finance: Taking Stock

The pandemic has brought upon widespread hardship for businesses and consumers, prompting a demand surge for tech solutions in every corner of financial services. As the UK economy continues to endure extreme stress, the need for open data and insights to conquer new challenges has never been greater.

As the FCA stated in their 2019 Call for Input, Open Finance has the potential to transform the way consumers and businesses use financial services. But with the new challenges presented by the pandemic it's time to revisit the issue, explore the emerging use cases, and take stock. 

Join us on the 19th March at 2PM (GMT), in revisiting the FCA's 2019 Call For Input on Open Finance, where we will assess the response from firms, and evaluate the new requirements to make Open Finance a success for businesses and consumers.

In this webinar presented by our Founder & CEO, James Varga, we will:

  • Explore how consumers, businesses, and financial institutions are currently utilising open data 
  • Explore the emerging use cases 
  • Highlight where firms can improve their use of open data and insights to overcome Covid related challenges
  • Assess whether Open Banking is on course to fulfil its potential


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